Made in Italy

Italien har lång öppen kust med mycket sol och vind. Italienare har lång tradition med komfort och stil ombord på motoryachts för långa turer och vistelse i marinor.

Italienska båtar är världsledande när det gäller design, säkra sjöegenskaper, hög kvalitet, bra komfort både under gång, vid ankring och i marinan..

Absolute Yachts finns i tre olika serier, Coupe en modell, flybridge yacht med 8 modeller, Navetta Fast Trawel Yacht med 6 modeller för Long Ride.


Top Italian quality is a distinctive characteristic of Absolute Yachts’ design, all our products have refined beauty, great versatility, and uncompromised functionality. Every detail is thoroughly designed: elegant finishes, ergonomic spaces, top-notch materials, wide and comfortable cabins, ease of maneuverability, and plenty of innovative solutions.


When it comes to a state of mind, a situation or anything of cultural or environmental context, most people tend to think everything is relative. At Absolute, as in its very demanding customers, every aspect has to reach its maximum expression, the absolute one.
In the four words “Reaching for the Absolute”, there are thousands of people, years of passion for the nautical world, countless hours of work, centuries of experience in navigation. Reaching for the Absolute describes the credo of those who are not content with a personal judgement but only with absolute results.

This philosophy is embedded in the quality of its luxury boats.

Each concept, value or precept for Absolute does not express itself in a relative and subjecrive form. It has to find its higher and absolute expression: praising the careful work for pursuing the highest quality.


Navetta Fast Trawel Yacht  

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