Maestro 56'

Maestro Range 56, 66, 82

The project of Maestro 56′, launched in 2011 in collaboration with the Zuccon International Project for the interior and exterior design and with Marine Design & Service of Umberto Tagliavini for the hull lines and the technical project, was developed at an early stage on the specific desire to find a synthesis between the features and stylistic elements that have historically characterized the Maestro line.

Maestro 56″ confirms some of the choices of design and function already used in previous boats: maximum transparency to ensure a close relationship between exterior and interior, the use of vertical windows as connotative element of naval tradition and the choice of both volumes of hull and of the superstructure, which ensure an high degree of comfort.


Main size

Overall length       17,22 m. 56 ft. 6 in

Hull length             17,20 m. 56 ft. 5 in.

Lg = waterline length   14,07 m. 46 ft. 2 in.

Max. beam 5,25 m.17 ft. 3 in.

Depth (boat fully laden) 1,46m. 4 ft. 9 in Displacement unladen 27,8 ton. 61289 lb.

Displacement laden 33,8ton. 74472 lb.

Max.number of persons on board 12  Navigation category CE 2003/44B  Certification modulesB R.I.Na.

Standing out from the crowd!


The identity of Apreamare boats is one-of-a kind.

The classy touch is up to you: the color of the external design to  customize the traditional or unconventional style of your boat.

Teknical data

Hull type : 16° of deadrise. Warped hull with spray rails

H max= Overall height from keel to hard top 5,47m.17 ft. 11 in.

H t = Minimum transport height from keel 4,82m.15 ft.  10 in.

Fuel tanks capacity 3300lt.872 US gals.

Water tanks capacity 520lt.137 US gals.



533 kW at 2350 g/min

Pris 19 milj. inkl moms 

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Med Apreamare sedan 2005


Range VP D4 270

Maximum speed 370 n.m.

Cruising speed 400 n.m.

11 knots 520n.m.

Speed IPS 950

Maximum speed 30 knop (at full loadeddisplacement) 

Cruising speed 25 knots