“I thought of a dolphin and I designed Anvera." The words of our designer Aldo Drudi. The same willowy beauty, the same ability to experience the sea. All in a concentration of technology made in Italy.

Anvera experience

“I have a yacht and wanted to experience the sea in a different way, to discover places I had never seen. With my Anvera 48 I found a marvellous bay, completely deserted. But I won’t tell you where it is”


Jean C.

«At last I managed to take my wife with me to sea. I like to go fast, and she likes to relax at the beach. On our Anvera 55 we did both without even disembarking!»

Team (Lucca Ferrari & Co) som ligger bakom Anvera har sina rötter hos

Ferretti i Off Shore Class 1 med flera WM titlar.

THE BOATS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME  Anvera is a collection of chase boats designed and made in Italy, with that extra touch.

ONLY CARBON FIBER MANUFACTURED BY US Technology has given our design more freedom. And we do manufacture the carbon fiber ourselves.

MORE SPACE FOR YOU   With our external areas, especially at stern, you can have your own private island in every corner of the sea.

PARADISE IS IN THE DETAILS   Flagpole, handrails, carbon fiber shower: just some of the details designed exclusively for Anvera.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO HANDLE   The carbon fiber makes the Anvera luxury tender more spacious and gives them unique lines.


We have had a passion for the sea for many years and we know what it means to be changed by an experience. We wanted to project our experiences into the future and do something that nobody had ever done before. We have created the Anvera style to let you discover the sea the way you like it. Our chase boats are designed to give you something different.

Something that allows you to have everything you want: they are beautiful and functional, fast and efficient.

With your Anvera luxury tender you have the freedom to enjoy your own private beach in the middle of the sea.



LG Srl was founded in 2002 and builds on the experiences born from years of work in leading companies in the sector and on the study of extreme technologies in sports competitions. Then Luca Ferrari, Giancarlo Galeone and Gilberto Grassi decided to pool their own experiences to create something innovative. Thus, Anvera was born, from love for the sea and lots of knowledge.

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Med Anvera sedan 2017