The charm
of Mediterranean Style
and the elegance
of made in italy

Apreamare Gozzo 45

Gozzo Range/ Gozzo 45

Tradition, the essence of the brand, is observed and amplified in the new Gozzo 45. Distinctly Mediterranean, this classy cruiser starts from the total absence of steps on deck, in strict adherence to the walkaround philosophy. The open-concept design improves everyday life at sea with comfortable and connected settings.

The naval architecture and hull geometry arise from the long experience of Umberto Tagliavini of Marine Design, who has already signed most of the shipyard’s successful projects. The new Gozzo 45 is a boat that, faithful to tradition, combines high performance, stability and seakeeping, as well as great comfort with low roll under way and at anchor. The hull has a variable geometry with a deep V, designed to accommodate traditional shaft line or Volvo Penta IPS.

Längd 14.70 m

Bredd   4.70 m

Djupgående 1.30 m

Torrvikt 12 t

Cruising vikt 16 t


Cummins 2x300 hk med axeldrift, fart ca 30 kn

Volvo 2x480 hk, IPS med Joystick, fart ca 33 kn

Hybrid version finns

Bränsletankar 1600 liter

Vattentank 350 liter

Svartvattentank 77 liter


Reflect your personality

Apreamare has always offered a superior level of customization. Exteriors, interiors, accessories, materials, woods, leathers and much more. Starting with the color of your boat, perhaps the most visible and important choice.
Tradition or eclecticism? Light or dark tones? Who better than you can make this decision!

The story of Apreamare began in the mid-nineteenth century, when Giovanni Aprea started building fishing boats in Sorrento, in the Bay of Naples. Inspired by the timeless design of the « Gozzi », Giovanni built boats in which wood remained the main raw material. This philosophy is shared by his son, Cataldo, who will give a completely different dimension to his father's boats. A few years after the end of the Second World War, car engines were installed on the Aprea creations. This will provoke a radical change in the philosophy of the boats and will lead them to the pleasure boat sector. The 80's were a turning point as the Apreamare shipyard was inaugurated and the company Apreamare Srl was created following a collaboration with Salvatore Pollio.

In 2001, Apreamare was acquired by the Ferretti Group. The brand benefits from an exponential growth at a global level and a richer technical background. In 2010, Aprea and Pollio decided to take over the reins of the company and give it back a family dimension. The shipyard of Torre Annunziata, guided by the spirit and the will to share the Neapolitan excellence and lifestyle, continues to offer yachts as comfortable as they are sporty.

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