Enter the new era of engineering.

The Foiler brings years for

engineering and racing experience to the world's first luxury produktion foiling yacht.


Feel the urge to fly?

It isn't a dream anymore.

For the new generation
of sailors, we are building your FOILER.


The FOILER is a radical evolution from any regular yacht.

Its full carbon fibre hull is designed not only for a 007 look but also promises easier take-off, a smooth landing, and comfortable sailing even without using the foils.

Awaken your spirit of adventure with FOILER’s new hydrostatic740 hp propulsion system.

Represent your personality with the stylish Royale, the fun-loving Venturi, family-friendly Azure or create your own style with the FOILER’s modular layout.

Whether cruising or flying, the sea is yours.


The FOILER's four patented foils have been designed to provide auto-stability and ensure a very comfortable ride by removing the movement generated by the waves' impact on the hull.

The foils and rudders provide an amazing grip in the water that gives the FOILER the ability to turn like no other boat. With the FOILER, you have a two-in-one: a very comfortable and luxurious yacht with the performance and handling of a super-car.

Längd 9,80

Bredd  3,30 - 7,20

Djupgående 0,60 - 1,50

Motorer Hydrsostatic 2x370 V8 diesel

Fart max 40 knop

Pris 2022

764.000 € - 910.000 € + moms och transport.



LG Srl was founded in 2002 and builds on the experiences born from years of work in leading companies in the sector and on the study of extreme technologies in sports competitions. Then Luca Ferrari, Giancarlo Galeone and Gilberto Grassi decided to pool their own experiences to create something innovative. Thus, Anvera was born, from love for the sea and lots of knowledge.

ECO Conscious

Using hydrofoils bring several advantages, and one of the big advantages is drastically lowering the impact that the FOILER has on the environment. It is not only more fuel-efficient, but it brings a whole new level of eco-consciousness.

1. The FOILER starts to fly at 11 knots and fuel consumption decreases with more speed

2.  The most fuel efficient speed is at 22 knots only using 2.0 l/nm

3.  When foiling at 30 knots the FOILER has the same consumption as a regular boat at 8 knots

4.  At 37 knots the consumption of the FOILER is the same as a regular boat at 11 knots


Equipped to the highest standards, offering luxurious features to meet the requirements of the most influential and demanding patrons, FOILER is available in different layouts so that you can build a flying yacht to suit your needs. Whether you're after family fun, a little (or a lot) of thrill-seeking, or that James Bond appeal, FOILER is a modular platform offering multiple layout options. All layouts include storage facilities, retractable tables, a restroom below the deck and a fridge for added convenience. Choose from the Venturi, Royale, or Azure for a personalised platform on which to explore the future of luxury water transport.


Wingman is the Foiler’s fully integrated management system. It gives the owner an intuitive and smooth customer experience, as well as full control and monitoring over all aspects of the Foiler.

Contact us for leasing options

The lead time is currently 4 months after payment of the first deposit.

Payment stagesInitial


40% Upon Hull Unmolding

15% Upon Deck Assembly

15% Upon Engines Installation

20% On Completion

EX Factory10%

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